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Aug. 11th, 2004

Layton caught a snake today and brought it over for me to play with. It was so well mannered and mild. Probably digesting food or something. I wish I could have kept it but I have nowhere it could live. I could have named it bob. Hahaha. :) Anyway, eventually we let it go in the woods behind our house. Live happily oh small one. If photobucket would upload the pictures I'd post one in here. Ah, there it goes, finally.

Layton and the snake

Last nite I was having a impossible task of getting to sleep. I stayed up too long sewing and started to think that if I did go to bed I'd wake up dead. Wake up dead. Hehe, that sounds so funny. Anyway, yes. So I was having the time of my life trying to get myself into a semi-numb state of mind so as I could drift off to far and distand dreamlands inhabited only by the dreamers themselves.

I've started another story. I really need to stop that. Not the writing it's self, just the starting, stopping in the middle and then never picking it up again. It can get rather irritating. Having all this unfinished stuff sitting on my computer (which needs a new mouse and keyboard before I can use it again).



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Aug. 13th, 2004 03:12 am (UTC)
Snake! I love reptiles... and mammals... and pretty much anything alive actually.

...and dreamlands are good places to be indeed!
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