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Aug. 10th, 2004

Man, I got the biggest scare today. I dropped my camera and it decided it was gonna stop working. It had been having problems all day so it was kinda freaking me out. When I got home I wanted to check it to see if it was still ok but my sister didn't want to get off the computer. She made a comment about how the world didn't revolve around me and I retorted with, "of COURSE not, everyone knows the world revolves around you," before stomping out and yelling at my brother in frustration. Anyway, I was able to check it later and found out it was just the battery as was hoped. Yay, I still have a camera! Layton was insisting on buying me a new one if it wasn't gonna work for me. I kept on telling him no, not unless it was for himself but he was refusing. I also just about fried it when the cord went in backward. I really need to be more careful with my stuffs.

Other than that, watched amélie this afternoon. It was pretty nice. I was amused by it. Have to re-watch the ending though. Got distracted...

Mom keeps finding things out that seem to come in the way of the zoo thing. We're still gonna go, but we just have to get back early because mom forgot until yesterday that she has to go to the cannery at 6. All I can say is fuck.