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Aug. 5th, 2004

Layton finally got to see the gothy dell commercial!  Oh god, I find that commercial to be so fucking funny.  And it's cool that they don't make goths look bad.  What with the fact that they're just pushing how the computers they make are good for everyone.  I just find it to be terribly amusing in all it's dorkyness.

I've also got that choker about 70% done.  It's all sewn up and I attached the hooks in back.  Now all I need to do is paint on the ---cut-here--- on it.  I got some 3d paint for it.  Have yet to decide if I want to squish the paint though or make it so it sticks up.  Layton told me to go with the sticking up.  Blech, I'll just think about it in the mourn.  In the mean time I need to go find my gap shirt so as I can write the black keeps you warmer thing on it.