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I really shouldn't be allowed to think

So I've been thinking all morning and afternoon. Thinking, not one of my strong points, I now have a headache but that might just be from the heat. Anyway, I was pondering everything that happened and decided that it was a bit rash for me to take it out on my journal. I might as well be blaming the devil for my own short comings. Mmmm, voltaire. I'm also feeling slightly more ok than yesterday, not by much. I've gone from depressed and sad to sad and mellow. I'm never gonna drink again. I swear to god. No more drink, no more drugs. No nothing. Heh, and next thing you know I'm gonna be saying shit like hail mary's and praising jesus. Ok, so let me reform that statement. I'm not gonna drink around people anymore. If I drink, I drink alone. Some guy asked us if we wanted to go smoke some weed with him yesterday after we got off the 150. He needed to use a safety pin. I remember seeing him poking a mountain dew can with it and thinking, oh look, he's making himself a thing to smoke weed. I hate drinking sometimes. I remember anything and everything that goes on. Anyway, I revoke my statement last night. Not that anyone cares anyway, it's stupid really. Just like me. I think I'm gonna go play with my new furby now. Perhaps my purple monkey too. Funny monkey. I like furby's. My lastest is black. :) 3 now if you want to count the gremlin as a furby. They are made by the same company after all. Man, I remember a dream I had about furby's once. Freaked me out.


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Jul. 19th, 2004 02:45 am (UTC)
I'm happy you decided not to go private. I figured that I don't know you so if you felt it was best to do I shouldn't try to convince otherwise. Hooray!
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