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Bitch Kitten
En route to self-realization we all get lost. Some try to get actualization through others, and are lost further. To find yourself, look inside. Only then will the world and life begin make sense. Only then will you find yourself and happiness.

Myself, I'm still looking. Until I find it, and I won't find it in you, bear with me. Problems come and go, people change. If you can stand, and understand, then we will be friends for quite some time.

RULE - Thanks to lytdybrhomoo who woke me up at 5 in the morning, not once, but TWICE -

1. Я не говорю на русском языке. Translated - I do not speak russian.
2. I do not take random out-of-nowhere-and-nothing-in-common adds well.

This holds ESPECIALLY true when I
A. can't read a god damn word you're writing without a translator
B. you have disabled any way to comment on your journal
C. you have added groups of people with no apparent connections in interest or communities, and have not had them add you back.

It makes you look very suspicious. I will however add you back, for my own reasons. Random removals less than a week later however are a completely different story. Those completely and unequivocally piss me off because you have just wasted, not one, but two of my text messages and wasted my time. Random adds and removals will get you reported to livejournal as a bot with no remorse, I couldn't care less if you are one or not, because you failed to inform me as to otherwise and that is VERY rude and bot-like behavior.

And, demon or not, I'm all about the politeness.

So, with this in mind, DO NOT ADD WITHOUT REASON. I don't care what the reason is, just know that if you have added this journal you have given me permission to send this to your livejournal inbox before adding you back. If adding me was a mistake, POLITELY let me know and then remove me. Anything less and know you've been reported to livejournal. THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY!

My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

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Music: My Drug of Choice
The 69 Eyes, Abba (srsly), Abney Park, Adrian H and the Wounds, Akira Yamaoka, Alice in Videoland, Amon Amarth, And Also The Trees, The Andrews Sisters, Android Lust, Arcana, Attrition, Autumn's Grey Solace, Barenaked Ladies, Battlelore, Bauhaus, Beethoven, Bella Morte, Benny Goodman, Beseech, Billie Holiday, The Birthday Massacre, Blood Stain Child, BOA, Bow Ever Down, Carfax Abbey, Chthonic, Cocco, Collide, Cradle of Filth, The Cure, Dethklok, Diary of Dreams, Dick Haymes, Dimmu Borgir, Dir En Grey, DJ Ferret, Dope Stars Inc., The Dreamside, The Dresden Dolls, Ego Likeness, Eisbrecher, Emilie Autumn, Epica, Eurythmics, Evanescence, The Gathering, Get Set Go, Glenn Miller, The Glove, The Goo Goo Dolls, The Haunt (formerly Sabrina), Human Drama, Hungry Lucy, In Tenebris, In This Moment, The Ink Spots, Jakalope, Jesus On Extasy, Jewel, Jill Tracy, Joachim Witt, Johnny Hollow, Katzenjammer Kabarett, Kenji Kawai, kHz, Lacrimas Profundere, Lacuna Coil, The Last Dance, Leaves' Eyes, Life Toward Twilight, Liv Kristine, Lordi, Loreena McKennitt, Lunascape, Lycia, Malice Mizer, Mandragora Scream, Matchbox Twenty, Melora Creager, Ministry, Mortal Love, Mortiis, Muse, Neuroticfish, Nicki Jaine, Nightwish, Nirvana, Nocturne, The Oddz, Opeth, Orgy, Otep, Paralysed Age, A Perfect Circle, Perry Como, Pink Floyd, Powerglove, Professional Murder Music, Qntal, Rammstein, Rasputina, Rob Zombie, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Smashing Pumpkins, Stolen Babies, Stone Temple Pilots, Subway to Sally, Sunshine Blind, Tapping the Vein, Tarja, Theatre of Tragedy, ThouShaltNot, Tool, TURISAS, Type O Negative, Unto Ashes, Vernian Process, Voltaire, White Zombie, Within Temptation, Yoko Kanno

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