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Today has been a seriously stressful day. Yesterday was stressful. Tomorrow has a 99% chance to be too. And it's not even stopping so I can enjoy Gurren Lagann. My mom is still up and she keeps messing with the volume on the tv, turning it down, and then making all sorts of background sounds. Listening to the voicemail, rattling around dishes, talking... stupid little things that just make the experience less enjoyable and engrossing than it normally would be.

And god, I just want the world to stop. This is too much all at once and my anxiety levels are running so high that if they don't go down soon, I may end up in the hospital.

Seeing james yesterday made the day a little better. All thanks to layton. James went with him to get chicken and he drove them both over after, where they ate it. It was a nice surprise, I needed company that was not my own. Today I've had gurren lagann, which despite the background distractions, is still good. And tomorrow I'll be seeing james again when we take leon up to see the boarding kennel he will be staying at in sultan while I'm gone.

I think that those are the only things right now that have kept me from completely breaking down and falling apart. I'm glad to have at least two good friends. Even if I can't manage to keep the rest around to save my life, I'm glad I have those two.