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<--- Is Stupid

Ick. Tired. And I have to work tomorrow in the morning. Then I'll get a day off (maybe not) and have to work full days until the 19th. I'm not exactly sure why. Charlene is going somewhere. This week will probably be my last time being able to call myself "employed" cuz ish deshember. I'm planning to go down to james' when I get off assuming he doesn't call and tell me it's not ok. Maybe I'll be able to get some sleep away from the workers. Good company too. It was nice last week, being able to stay away from everyone. I'm going to miss that lots.

I ended up spending another 50 dollars yesterday. My mom told me elizabeth is coming back for a bit. Individually things aren't expensive. In fact they're all extremely cheap. It's just when you throw it all together that it gets... mmph. And that I hate. I hate christmas because you're always required to get shit for people. Been bitching about this to my mom for years. Everyone always feels obligated to get you things that you don't want or need and you just end up with more clutter and then in turn you end up feeling obligated to get them things. I don't like feeling forced to get people gifts. I want to do it because I can and want to. Hate holidays. Anyway, I'm still not enjoying spending all this money. All my shit is breaking and I can't buy new stuff since I don't have any money left. My zune cord broke slightly, but lucky me I have the dock. Negative side to that, it means the skin will have to come off it. Don't like that because I'm in the habit of dropping my stuff accidentally a lot and that skin is the only thing protecting it from the ground and the dents and scratches that come with it. My backup headphones are also on their way out. Saw that the rubber around the cord on one line was severed and the wire is exposed. Don't have any electrical tape to fix it so now I'm having to treat them with extreme care. Why do cords have to sever so easily?

I went back to hot topic last wednesday to see if they had the hat I saw last time when layton and james got the cd's, and I got my bag. No luck. All gone. None on the website either. Lucky me. /sarcasm

It snowed again today. Nothing worth mentioning so I don't know why I do.

Charlene asked me last friday if I was losing weight.

Picture of the day: Thirteen Degrees