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Oct. 24th, 2007

About a month ago I signed up to get a free, year I think it was, of egm not really thinking I would get it, let alone soon. Last time I got a free subscription to a magazine (when I still had an interest in it) the company didn't end up getting that subscription mailed out to me until 3 or so years later when I had completely lost interest in it. It was some stupid teen girls magazine. Total crap and a waste of my time at that point. It took them so long I forgot that I had even done that in the first place. Peh. Anyway, I came home today from james' house to find egm sitting on the stove waiting for me. Neat. :) So I've been sitting here reading it and thinking weird stuff, trying not to scream from pain. I really hate the way this body makes me feel.

I have come to the conclusion that daniella, in haunting ground, is either a Humonculus or, more probably, a completely insane woman. She bleeds red blood, you can see her cuts and stuff all over her hands, so she couldn't be robotic in any way. She also claims to have been created, and that she can't feel pain or emotions, which would imply humonculus, but at the same time she will smile and scream at her image in mirrors, acts very gleeful at certain ideas (such as destroying fiona to find the part inside her to complete herself) so that would imply insane woman who was cracked and doesn't understand what she's doing. Eh. And I thought debilitas was bad. Fuck. Daniella makes me wish this game had some sort of combat so I could kick her ass to kingdom come. I - can't - fucking - get - anywhere. Goddamn bitch is riding my ass so much. It's 'controller, meet tv' frustrating. And hewie isn't helping. At least with debilitas I was able to get away, hide and had room to move around in. With her... she knows where I'm going before I do. *sigh* Save, and save often. Bitch.

Picture of the day: Some red flower