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I am so very ADD today.

Yeah, so a few weeks, maybe a month ago, ago I got Rurouni Kenshin the directors cut and then I managed to forget about it. Today I re-discovered it when I sat down and started putting some of my anime away. Other stuff I've yet to watch. Rozen maiden 2, which layton picked up for me at best buy today, and GitS: S.A.C Solid State Society. I've been putting off watching everything else I've gotten because I haven't watched Azumanga that james gave me to watch. I've had it for far too long and I feel bad about it. I can't keep it until october when the last paniponi dash comes out, as much as I would probably like to. The whole reason I've had it for as long as I have already is because I wanted to watch as much paniponi as I could beforehand since I've heard it compared to much to it, and disk 5 came out earlier this month so... I really have no excuse. I'm now just going to watch as many episodes of azumanga as I have paniponi, and I'm copying the last disk to computer so I can put it on my zune and then wait for october to come around. It makes me feel less guilty about everything.

And from the creators of Planet Earth comes Blue Planet. :d It's luverly. Been watching it when I can and recording it when I can't. Everything is so spaced out. Neat. :) I think I like it even better than I do planet earth, but then that's just me. And I r crazy.

Today I went to my doctors evaluation appointment. Doctor evaluated, suggested sucking the stuff out and I said no. I want it taken OUT. And I'll get painkillers when I do. So, I have the option of staying awake for it, or being put out. It's going to take 45 minutes and I'm not going to be able to do anything as far as I know so I think I may end up having myself put down. Plus I'm not sure how well I would be able to deal with watching myself cut open and up, as fascinating as it would be. Errr... dIlemma. Chop, chop. Painkillers.

After that appointment we went to check on my background check. Supposedly it's done, supposedly it's been shipped out. Fucking bullshit. TWO MONTHS LATER! Lazy bastards. I got some funny condom holder thingies though. Gave one to my mom. And one to layton, one to james, and one to finley while still keeping one for myself. The black ones I picked up said, "Condoms are cheaper than diapers" and have a picture of a weird little screaming baby on them. And the silver one finley has says "Just use it." I thought they were funny. ^_^ As soon as I get my paycheck next month, probably the last I'll ever have, I'll put another couple hundred into savings and then try and get the rest to last as long as I can.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to lock myself in my room thanks to finley so I'm trying to stay up as late as possible. I'll be able to sleep longer then. Makes for less boredom.

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