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Crash and burn much?

Yeah, I think he does. Layton managed to crash really hard today. He went up to my room around 3 and I didn't really see him back down again until almost 8. He had a really long night, only slept for two hours I think. Good thing my mom is gone this weekend because I know she wouldn't have stood for it. Him being in my room. Would have made him stay downstairs and sleep on the couch, and then he wouldn't have gotten any sleep at all. Too damn noisy and there would have been too many people.

I'm getting a new camera. Layton bought one off ebay. Exactly like my other one but it's only costing 70 dollars since it's... um, 3 years old now I think? Either way it's nice because I don't want to have to spend 300 dollars on a new one and I love my camera to bits. Literally apparently since it's all sortsa broked and stuff. And just like everything else, it's tragical. I've gotten to know that camera really well in all the time I've had it. It would be really hard for me to get to know a new one, however if I ever plan on getting any lenses and filters I will have to. Anyway, I asked him if he wanted me to pay him for it, and after long hard thought he said 30. I said 35 so I'm at least paying for half of it, and asked him not to go back on it and refuse to accept the money like he did with flcl. I don't appreciate the way he complains how expensive I am and then refuses to let me pay for anything. Or agrees and then goes back on his agreement. I'm happy to pay for the stuff, I'm just not comfortable actually purchasing it myself because I have a tendancy to make major fuckups. Like accidentally getting vhs tapes when I'm meaning to get dvd's. It really bums me out and makes me feel horrible when I do that. That's one of the few reasons I ask him to do things for me. He's much more observent about stuff like that.

I went out and took a couple of pictures. Clicky.

Picture of the day: A release Of the Unknown



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Jun. 26th, 2007 01:30 am (UTC)
That is a really good picture of Cryshade. Very nicely done.
Jun. 26th, 2007 06:19 am (UTC)
I'm glad you like it. :)
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