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Weird people.

Lain came! It's really neat but I can't turn the subtitles off so I'm just watching it in japanese. Not that it's really a problem, I should be doing that anyway, but right now my focus is split so when I go away from it for a little bit I sort of lose what's going on. I really like the opening song. Duvet, I think. Wish I could find an mp3 of it to download or something. Maybe if I look it up on myspace. I know you can download a lot of music stuff like that there. One of the few things myspace is good for. :d Mmmm... I wish I had a better mp3 player.

There's a bunch of weird people over right now. Family I guess. I'm supposed to know them, or at least my dads brothers wife, but I really, truthfully, don't remember anyone. And I honestly told her I didn't remember her when she asked, but she thought I was joking so I played along. Haha. :| I think the last time I saw them, I don't even know who they are, was when we were in arizona. Man, I'd love to go back there. Arizona was a really nice place. Anyway, I see most of my "family" on my dad's side so fucking often that I don't know a single one of them outside of my fairly immediate ones. I didn't even know that my grandpa, his dad, was still alive until he was almost dead. So, on my dad's side, I know, him, his mom and that's pretty much it. He has a huge fucking family and I only know my grandma. Wow.

Picture of the day: Gem Canters