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Ninjas are better.

I generally don't cry at movies. I love any movie that can move me enough to shed a tear or two. Grave Of the Fireflies is not one of those movies. In those movies even though I'm sad the final scenes leave me with a residual hope that while some tragic event has just occurred the characters involved will grow and live better. Grave of the Fireflies doesn't do this. There is no hope or possibility of things getting better. This is life at it's cruelest. Life that will never get better. This movie doesn't move you, it shatters you.

Seita And Setsuko (the boy and His little sister) aren't heroes and their abusive aunt isn't the villain. Neither for that matter is either side of the war portrayed as good or bad in these movie. This is just a story of people being people. Some kind, some indifferent and some completely harsh. Seita makes mistakes that many children in his position would.

Although fifteen years old this film is still very beautiful. The images it portrays are quiet and subdued yet elegant. The final scene is something that shall forever be burned into my brain. It's touching and heart wrenching finality should break most people.

Well I love Grave of the Fireflies. I love it for it's unflinching look at war and life, It's graceful beauty as it portrays a young girl playing amidst Fireflies, and for what it does to me at the end.

Why must fireflies die so young?

God, that movie is fucking depressing. I remember when I rented it from blockbuster, heard it was good, and I ended up crying. Made me so angry and empty, but it is quite true of life. :'( Got around to buying it yesterday from gruv, special collectors edition I think, since I told myself it was going to be the next one I dvd I got and roz wanted to go up to seattle. Really wanted james to be able to watch it and I am a firm believer that everyone should see it at least once. So if you haven't, I'm telling you now. Go watch it. Roz is currently upstairs watching ghost in the shell 2. She wanted to watch grave of the fireflies, but since I gave it to james when we saw him yesterday, that wasn't exactly possible and I had her watch perfect blue instead. No idea what she thought of it, but then I also didn't ask. :P After she was done with that she watched the first GITS. She didn't think that she had watched it all the way though before.

Yesterday roz wanted to go up to seattle. I don't know that I was too thrilled with the idea since I had just spent friday night bouncing around 3 different places and I was going to be at the noc-noc with layton and james last night, but I was game since I haven't seen her in quite a bit of time. It's also a good excuse for me to go shopping for stuff, which is exactly what I did. No big surprise there since I always make my non-club trips up to seattle, or anywhere, shopping trips. Gives me something to do so I'm not bored and wandering around completely aimlessly. Some aimlessness is ok, but all is bad because it makes me irritable and itchy feeling. O.O Found out on accident while we were up there that twice sold tales is going to be moving to only god knows where. *sad face* The building that it is in currently is going to turn into a hole in the ground for the next 8 years or something. Stupid seattle.

I really know how to spend money even when I don't really want to. Left my house with 60 dollars and came home with 10. Was hoping to be able to keep at least 20 in my wallet. *'nother sad face* Got the 5th lenore comic at zanadu comics, a minty american gods (roz found it) in twice sold tales, grave of the fireflies from gruv, a shirt with a spider on the front I used to have but my room seems to have eaten and a photo album for my mom from value village, and lunchy-dinner from subway. If it hadn't been for the last and highly unexpected visit to value village and my digging through the shirts I probably would have had the 20 left. :d But I couldn't resist that damn shirt and then I remembered mothers day today, I would have ended up getting it for her anyway, it was gotten to replace the photo album that the cover is falling off of, but she can do whatever the hell she wants to with it. Out of everything, the movie ended up costing the most at 26-something, and nothing else really went above 5 dollars.

The noc-noc was fun. Didn't get very drunk, but james did. I had to escort him to the bathroom twice because he thought he was going to be sick. The second time some black guy started bugging me. First he made me dance with him while I repeatedly told him "no, I can't do this". Annoying as all shit but I amused him for all of 30 seconds before "I really can't be doing this" and going back to stand near the bathroom door to wait for james to get back out. A couple minutes later he grabbed me again and pulled me over to introduce me to his table of 'friends' before I escaped back to stand near the bathroom door again. One of the guys that was sitting at the table came over to me shortly after that grabbed my arms, leaned in really close and said, "I don't know that guy, be careful." Told him I would. Just didn't trust or feel comfortable around that weirdo. : | He wasn't respecting me or when I said no to him at all. Imagine he was fairly drunk. He tried to get me to come back over to the table, saw him waving me over out of the corner of my eye while I was watching Kill Bill vol. 1 on the screen. Just shook my head no and ignored his gestures. Was fucking busy. After james got out of the bathroom I made him go outside for some fresh air. He never did end up throwing up I think, which is a good thing. I'm glad that I have james around when I go with layton to the noc-noc because layton is in the habit of abandoning me to go play outside with the smokers, to talk not smoke, and I would be very very bored by myself. Actually, if it weren't for james, I just wouldn't go.

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