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Were video games to blame for massacre?
No Jack Thompson, no they weren't. They were as much to blame as goths were/are for the columbine thing which ironically, today is the anniversary of. Oh, but wait, you blamed video games for that too. I have an idea, why don't you go suck on a unstable stick of dynamite for a couple hours. It'll do you lots of good.

Have a headache again. It's been an on/off thing all week. Don't know what the cause is of it so I can't fix it. So instead I'm isolating myself to my room with my wii. Gone back to twilight princess. I'm going to be playing a lot of that this week. Keep my brain occupied and off current events. I've started to get people bugging me about my thingie coming up. I really want nothing to do with it, but it is my day so I have no choice in the matter. Fuck. Only slightly better than christmas. Whatever.

Finished season 2 of ghost in the shell today. Sort of started watching escaflowne, but then layton called so I quit. Blahblahblah. So exciting.

I'm fucking bored and don't think I will be online to terribly long tonight. Have better things to do, and it's not like I'm going to see anyone that I could talk to. Moreblahexciting.

Picture of the day: Has the sun set already?